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Marco Pasini

Marco Pasini was born in 1967 in La Spezia, Italy.
He lives in Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy.

He became involved with photography through design and painting.

Since 2002, he has managed:
Bottega IMAGO Photo Graphic Art Gallery, in Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italy.

He currently works on personal or commissioned photographic projects.
His photographic research focuses on the history of peoples’ cultural identities, portraying places, nature and underlying symbolic meanings so as to encourage the public at large to “think through images”.


  • Cinque Terre - 2011 (co-authored with Pepi Merisio) with introduction by Denis Curti
  • Istanti nelle Cinque Terre - 2005 (co-authored with Mauro Boschi)
  • Carabinieri nella provincia della Spezia - 2004 (commissioned by Carabinieri police corps)
  • Ex voto marinari nella provincia della Spezia - 2002 (a book of historical records, co-authored with the painter of boats/ships Alfredo Acciarri)